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Flowtron Pump



Sequential Compression Therapy System The Advance 1000 and 2000 sequential compression therapy system are designed for providing optima therapeutics benefits for patients with chronic lymphatic.The chambers in the garment inflates sequentially and deflate simultaneously and its pressure can be adjusted by a knob situated on the front of the pump.The sections in the garment are made of partially overlap so as to eliminate any gaps between one another and reduce the possibility of stagnant fluid.


Product Details

Minimum Order Quantity 01 Piece
Design Standard
Color White, Sky Blue
Usage Hospital, Clinic, Personal


Features/ Benefits

  • Economical design for home therapy or clinical use.
  • Quiet, reliable, maintenance-free pump.
  • Designed for easy use.
  • Use with 2 or 3 chambered garments.
  • High quality garments made of nylon reinforced washable polyurethane